About Lisa Maria

Welcome Beautiful, and I am glad you stopped by.

This is a place for wounded dreamers: passionate, goal-oriented women who are tired of waiting for someday. If you’re one of these women, perhaps you even feel like you have abandoned some long-delayed dreams. I’d love to help you find your way back.

I passionately believe that our deepest heart’s desires are intended to be an ultimate expression of God’s love in our lives as women. However, most of us find ourselves trapped in perpetual longing because we don’t know how to end the wait. My personal mission is to equip women to opt-out of unfulfillment—so they can fearlessly and freely receive their desires in tangible form.

As a writer, artist, speaker, prophetic coach for women, and author of Your Wait Is Over, I know from personal experience how painful it can be to wonder if your dreams are too big or too crazy… or worse, just aren’t actually meant to happen.

After all, you have been waiting patiently for years. Setback after setback, you still believed, prayed and worked.Now your patience—and your hopes—have finally run out.

Good, I say. That is a great place to be. When you get fed up with waiting, you will find the inner determination to do whatever—or become whomever—you need to in order to finally get breakthrough.

I learned in my own journey that becoming the woman God created you to be will unlock everything you long for.

But this wasn’t always so clear to me.

No more business cards. I love hand-making my own connection cards to share!

An impatient achiever myself, I was born three weeks early but walked a year late. This cycle of moving forward fast, but falling behind again just as quickly, came to dominate my struggle to achieve my heart’s desires for more than 30 years.

I thought I was doing okay for myself. Doing the best I could. Achieving as much as anyone in my position could expect, even if the progress was slow.

It wasn’t until an unforeseen divorce rocked my world—and I lost all hope of receiving some of the biggest things I been waiting for—that I was finally forced to recognize the truth:

I had spent my whole life waiting, and I was getting nowhere.

It was the most painful admission I have ever had to make to myself. I wanted answers, of course. But deep down I was not sure if there were any. Human beings get what they want sometimes. And sometimes they don’t. (Or so I thought!)

Then in July of that year, while still reeling and raw, I had a spiritual awakening that changed everything. There is no other way to describe it than as a “six day heart attack.” Really, it was a barrage of divine love assaulting the self-protective barriers I had built up in my spirit. At the end of it, I wound up face-down on a rug. Bathed in sweat. Unable to eat, drink or sleep. Begging God to end it all.

Instead, He spoke to me deep in my spirit. It wasn’t an audible voice, but the words were clear and undeniable:

“You do not know how to receive love.”

Instantly, I recognized this was true, that it was a message from God, and it was also the root cause of both my divorce and the lifetime of emotional pain I had secretly endured.

That day, I agreed with God that I did not know how to receive love. Since my desires were an ultimate expression of His love in my life, no wonder I had never been able to receive them! I asked God to put me in “The School of Love”… and within weeks, He answered my prayer.

Almost immediately after that, the most intense period of God-directed teaching and healing began in my life. There is no other way to account for what I experienced in those years, except to say, “God brought it, and it was my school.”

I put everything I discovered during that period immediately into practice.

Within two years of my biggest “life fail,” I had found the courage I needed to shed old identities, shave my head and reinvent my personal style. I closed down my business, sold everything I owned, and left my hometown to travel 20,000 miles solo on 3 continents (with no income streams to support me, by the way). While traveling, I fulfilled many “bucket-list” items—including pilgrimages to the life sites of St. Hildegard and St. Catherine.

Fulfillment by fulfillment, the phrase “I am a woman who always receives what she desires” became battle cry and my radical new identity.

Wandering through beautiful Tuscany, 2019

At the end of this amazing season of my life, I crash-landed in a place I never thought I would live: the Gulf Coast of the Middle East.

Moving to Dubai to start a new life achieved yet another deep heart’s desire of mine to live abroad. During my time there I made the best friends of my life. I also launched my prophetic coaching and speaking practice, wrote the book I had been dreaming of for two decades, and had many adventures.

I also met another incredible adventurer who fulfills everything I ever asked for in a husband and so much more. When I move to Africa in 2020, to join my husband-to-be and his family, I will have officially received everything I ever asked God for. And everything I once thought would never be mine.

This is the goodness of God. It’s also the foundation of my simple message:

Your deepest heart’s desires are an ultimate expression of God’s love in your life, and a guidepost to your destiny. But most of your waiting for those desires is self-inflicted. This is good news! You can end the wait today—no matter how long you have been “stuck—and finally receive what you desire the most. 

It’s now my joy to be a “spiritual midwife” and creative mentor, as well, for other women on this journey to fearlessness, freedom and fulfillment.

My Dubai partner-in-crime, Sima. She works for cuddles and a chicken dinner.

When I’m not coaching, writing, speaking or traveling, I enjoy spending time with God and with friends from many countries. I also love to cook in my postage stamp-sized apartment kitchen, hang out with my rescue cat Sima, serve in a multicultural church, practice all varieties of yoga, paint my prophetic visions and insights from God, wander the beaches and back alleys of Dubai, and chase caravans of camels across the Arabian Desert.

Though I blog here mostly about the road to freedom that is (as Martin Firrell has said), “bordered with sunflowers,” you’ll also find musings here on art and creativity; the gifts of femininity; the feminine body, mind and spirit; natural healing modalities; life abroad; and other practical aspects of my unique, proven system for receiving the desires of your heart.

You’ll also probably also see more photos of my rescue cat, Sima, than you ever wanted to. Sorry-not-sorry!

Root deep, stand tall and shine, Sunflower.

This is your season to receive.

Lisa Maria