What are you waiting for?

Fear. Procrastination. Disappointment.

No matter how hard we pray and hope and strive for the things we want most, sometimes they just get further away.

What if there were a proven way to end your wait… for good?

Hello, I am Lisa Maria—writer, artist, speaker, coach, and author of Your Wait Is OverI believe your heart’s desires are meant to be an ultimate expression of God’s love in your life.

God took me on a journey from fear, procrastination & disappointment to fearlessly and freely receiving everything I had ever asked for.

If I can go from stuck to unstoppable, so you can you.

Let me show you how.

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What clients are saying

“Lisa is a wise, patient and insightful coach. Just listening to her opened a part of my ambitious heart that had been wounded over time. Now, I’m closer to God than ever before, and am taking steps to live out my purpose in life.” — Rosella A., Connecticut

“In the past, I’ve really struggled with being uncomfortable enough for the necessary changes to happen in my life. Thanks to this workshop with Lisa Maria, I can handle being uncomfortable more than I did before. Plus, I can feel the changes happening!” — April P., Virginia

“While working with Lisa I finally took the first steps towards starting my own business, a desire I’ve had for several years. Her wisdom and her ability to see clearly what is going on behind the ”stuckness” is priceless!” — Birjees K., Texas

“I am really getting a lot the coaching. I realized I have so much fear in my heart it sometimes blocks me from experiencing joy.” — Wanda K., New Brunswick

“What I love about Lisa Maria’s coaching is that it never leaves me feeling self-critical, only self-reflective. This gentle approach was a welcomed change to the harsh inner voice I used to listen to, and very healing.” — Heather O., Georgia

”After one call, Lisa Maria uncovered the common threads that wove through all of my projects. Her input not only brought clarity to my work, she brought abundant energy that spilled over to every aspect of my business and ministry!” — Angela H., Pennsylvania

“Lisa Maria holds me accountable, and she’s real. Before we met, I didn’t have any cheerleaders in my life to believe I could step into the amazing heart’s desires I have. I’m blessed to have Lisa Maria.” — Shannon P., Wisconsin

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